Welcome to
Museo do Mar
de Galicia


Welcome to Galicia’s Museo do Mar. Here you can learn about the long-lasting historical relationship of the people of Galicia with the sea, stemming from both their rational use and their increased knowledge of the marine environment.


The permanent exhibition takes the form of large illuminated cubes suggesting goods containers. Video and audio documents as well as interactive screens and original objects related to the history of fisheries are on display. However, the Museum of the Sea is much more than just its permanent collection: temporary exhibitions are also worth exploring.


Galicia’s Museo do Mar is an institution involved in both research and the dissemination of information, and is currently working in a number of most ambitious projects —such as Memora do Mar, The Neuston Project and Galicia’s International Meeting of Traditional Boats — in partnership with other organizations.

Museo do Mar de Galicia

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