The Pier

Situated in the old factory building, this is the central gallery of the Museum, where visitors are welcomed.

Basic information on the Museum is provided here, and the area also facilitates access to temporary exhibition halls, to the auditorium and to the working areas.

The first exhibit visitors will find is the original Sanjurjo submarine, manufactured by the end of the nineteenth century by Antonio Sanjurjo Badía in Vigo. He produced the first steam boiler in town at his boiler making and forge workshop known as La Industriosa. He met Jules Verne there and that friendship —together with their shared enterprising character— led Sanjurjo to build the submarine.

Also, and in the context of the war between Spain and the US in Cuba, Sanjurjo designed a mine launching buoy (launched on August 12th, 1898) intended to defend the Bay of Vigo (La Ría or Estuary) from a potential attack of the US war fleet. The navigation tests were successful, but the system was never used as the armistice was signed.

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